Grumps - including the ‘no problem’ problem

This list is FAR from exhaustive . . . number 5 is a new entry but gosh it’s good!!

1. My ‘afternoon’ does
not start until I have had my lunch, contrary to the belief of many receptionists pedantically watching the time. This can be as late as 2pm.

2. WHAT is the point of wearing a suit with a nice shirt and NO TIE?

3. The appalling state of Edinburgh's roads and lack of direction signs. Try following road signs to Waverley Station!!

4. A huge range of hackneyed phrases, many imported from football (a.k.a. soccer), starting with ’At the end of the day’ . . . . you will have your own! Recent new appearances related to business include ‘traction’ and ‘direction of travel’. I suspect that this section could be further developed - I have just remembered a few more. It may not be a hackneyed phrase but ‘With due respect’, usually preceding a criticism, is very irritating!

5. Really part of 4 above, but it has got to me and it is
HUGE! I don’t know if it arises in catering college or through repeated usage, but the response “NO PROBLEM” to any interaction is completely unsatisfactory. It is used instead of ‘certainly sir’ or ‘yes’ or ‘of course I can’ or a myriad other constructions and is usually repeated ad nauseam. Next time you are in a restaurant or hotel, shops too, listen out for it and when you have spotted it once I virtually guarantee you will become very cross! This may even get a page to itself in order to explore the “no problem problem” further.

6. In the same vein as 5 and particularly evident on BBC news interviews. Sentences starting with ’So, . . . ‘. Watch out for this one heading your way.

I can see that I am temporarily a bit parochial! Just wait until you get onto the 41 bus page (see links)!